Saturday, June 30, 2012

New Knitting Sheath Adapter System

I have been looking for a better system for connecting the needle adapters to the knitting sheaths.  I now have the solution.  To be frank, I stole it from Alden Amos.

I now use a "hanging bolt" and a "threaded insert". It is strong, secure, light weight, and compact.

Here are pix of a generation of prototypes that I made for myself. (This is about the 5th generation of knitting sheaths with this technology that I made.)  This set of adapters is sized US 0 to US 6 with the size indicated by the number of black rings on the adapter. Sizes 3&4 are combined in a single adapter. I still like very hard woods for US 1 and smaller, but am using cherry for adapters for needles larger than US 1.  Cherry is hard enough for the bodies of the knitting sheaths.  With these adapters, it should last forever.

Henceforth, all of my knitting sheaths will be made with this technology.  It is better.  It is a pain in the neck to make, but once one is up the experience curve, it is better.  I an not thrilled bout the aesthetics of the technology, but I love its practical functionality and utility.

No! I have not given up knitting for spinning. I spin so that I can knit better.  And, when I can, I improve my knitting sheaths.