Saturday, August 26, 2023


 Rumpelstiltskin was an imp or goblin that could spin straw into gold, quickly and earn a huge reward for doing so.  Hand spinning is still difficult, and modern experienced, good, fast, spinners earn status for being good spinners.

Thus, experienced hand spinners like spinning to be difficult, because if beginners could spin well and fast, the more experienced spinners would lose status. And the people that make and sell handspun yarn want to limit the supply of hand spun yarn to keep its price high.

Thus, modern high-status spinners do not like the idea of differential rotation speed flyer-bobbin assembles (DRS) because it would allow less experienced spinners to spin fast and well.

It is the high status spinners that set the market for new spinning wheels - they advise beginning spinners on what wheel to buy.

Finally, spinning on a DRS wheel is a different skill set and experienced spinners do not what to go back and relearn spinning. Learning to spin on a scotch tension wheel was hard and they do not want to go through that again.

However, I am on the side of knitters and weavers. Knitters and weavers often want yarns that are not commercially available. Spin it yourself is the logical solution. I am a knitter, and I started spinning because I want yarns that are not commercially available. 

Spinning has allowed me to knit objects I could not otherwise have made. 

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