Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sit up straight!

I have a friend who is a spinner. She was tall, graceful, and athletic. Then, she bought a spinning wheel that causes her to hunch over it. Now, a month later, she is in the kind of pain that causes people to wince as they move.

I kind of laughed and chided her, then the other night, I was working with some thin blue yarn in a dimly lit room, and I hunched over toward the light. (My wife was watching a very good movie.) Now, I am in the kind of pain that causes people to wince as they move. It is not bad during the day, but for the first few minutes in the morning, I wince as I move.

It is just a sore muscle from not sitting up straight for a few hours. Proper exercise, stretching, and it will go away in a few days. Still it is embarrassing.


Keith said...

Aaron, can you tell me please where I can find information/description/pattern/illustration of a 17thc.-18th century Guernsey Frock? I have searched the net and either find nothing or get no reply. I am isolated here, so need to find info on the net/online. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. Regards, Keith H. Burgess.

Aaron said...

Sorry, I have no such source.

For reasons that would be dismissed by any "enactor", suspect that they would be remarkably similar to the ganseys used in the same area in Gladys Thompson's book. Of course she only collected in very limited areas.

More over spinning technology changed ~ 1780. This and the changes naval operations and the economic organization of fishing likely lead to major changes in gansey producion and hence what they looked like. :(