Monday, July 21, 2008

More on Pit Knitting

Look at her go! (I have been watching knitting videos—again!) Pit knitters can be wicked fast. And, they can knit tighter without damaging their wrists. So, why do I bother with knitting sheaths?

I have been experimenting with pit knitting. It has its virtues, and its faults.

Fault 1, Pit knitting with fine needles (DPN) for fabrics designed to be worn in cold weather is uncomfortable.

Fault 2, Pit knitting does not let me use the spring of the needles to knit faster and tighter.

That is my story and I am sticking to it.


Rebecca said...

I just spent several hours reading your blog. I love it. But can't find you in Ravelry. You spurred my interest in the history of needlework and knitting. Thanks.

Henrietta Handy said...

Are you OK? No word from you in ages here.

Aaron said...

A security upgrade locked me out of Ravelry/A fisherman knits. I wanted to finish a project before put in the time to track down the problem in MS Vista. Actually, over all, I like Vista.

On Ravelry, I am "Agres." Or just look at the Knitting sheaths group. I got kicked out of the "Historical Knitting" group.

spinndiva said...

I just found your blog while doing some search on knitting sheaths!
What a find! I spent quite some time reading!
I definitely will put it on my daily "blogtour".

TutleyMutley said...

You got kicked out of the historical knitting group? but why?
I'm fascinated in your blog - I've only just discovered I'm a 'pit knitter'. I've also been pondering how to make knitting and walking easier, but never used a sheath or a belt. I do all sorts of wierd things with the yarn and my knitting (tucking it down the front of trousers is really NOT dignified).