Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Warmer Yarn

Last night I was in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store and a 100 gram skein of  Kashmira by Sensations jumped  in my basket.  Sensations is a house brand for Jo-Anns, so I was not too thrilled.  How could something like that appeal to a yarn snob like myself?

It is about gansey weight - 260 meters for 100 grams - nothing special there.

Is is 10-ply!, constructed as 5 x 2-ply.  Ya, it is special.

The fibers are about as fine as those in Frangipanni and Wingham's, but are longer.  Long fibers are good. The wool has some luster - that is good.

The density is high enough that it is a very warm yarn, but not so dense that the fabric is heavy.  This yarn produces the warmest fabric for its weight of any yarn that I have tested. On my #1 needles it produced about 7 spi, and that is how I would knit it.

If you want to knit a garment that is very light weight, but very warm, this is the yarn.  I do not know how fabrics from this yarn will stand up to life, but it is an amazing yarn.


Edited to add on 8/29/2011: I have not been observant.  I have been spending too much time spinning and not enough time shopping for yarn.  There are a number of (new??) highly structured yarns (lots of fine plies) that should fun to knit and provide outstanding fabrics.


Piquita said...

Aaron -- are they marketing this as a worsted weight? I can't quite see their recommendation for needle size, is it 7?

paisleyapron said...

This is excellent to know, seeing that I can't spin my own yarn yet. Thank you!

Luni said...

Thanks for the technical analysis of Kashmira. I came across it a couple of years ago. Since then, I've knit a pair of mittens using, as I usually would for mittens, much smaller needles than recommended. They are much warmer than mitts or gloves I've knit previously. Can't say how durable they are--I just finished them last spring. Regardless, I really liked the Kashmira.

Aaron said...

They say size 7 or 4.5 mm for 20 stitches and 26 rows.

It does not seem to be a yarn with a lot of "fill". At 5 spi it is not going to be real warm - just a wonderfully light yarn with very good stitch definition.