Thursday, October 20, 2011

Anything that can be done, can be done better

The spindle with removable whorl got shown to a Portuguese historian. She will be starting extensive travels in the near future. We played with the spindle for a while (we were at the LYS) and decided it (with a distaff) was as fast as any of the traveling wheels in the store. So, I gave it to her. I believe in giving nice gifts to the people that write history.  

Thus,   I needed a new spindle.  Mark II:

It is 15 grams lighter than the Mark I.

It did not work!  The weight or dynamics were wrong and it wobbled too much.  Put that puppy on a diet.

Thinned, with a deeper groove and a heavier nut, it works.  It wants a distaff.  And, it wants to spin much finer than I was trying to spin the blue Romney above.  Details matter.

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Brooke said...

Querido Aaron! I've been playing with the spindle a bit and finally broke out my Portuguese spindles with some roving. I discovered that when sitting, your spindle works very, very well as a support spindle, though I'm still a bit klutzy using it as a drop spindle since I am so out of practice and used to top whorl drop spindles. The Portuguese spindle spins slooowly since you turn it entirely by hand rather than giving it a twist and letting it spin in the air or on a rest, but I was able to get a nice, even fingering weight single from the get-go with so much control. I also noted the depth and angle of the groove mattered. On the Portuguese spindle, the yarn flicks against the edge of the tip as you spin (See: and note that click-click-click; also that she has the type from the north with a metal tip). I will have to see what kind of range of weights I can spin given that weight is not a factor with that spindle.

Thanks again for the Mark I! I'll keep at it and see if I can be less klutzy with the poor, abused spindle.