Monday, April 08, 2013

The Path

I insist that there are always better, cheaper, faster ways of doing something.  When I find a better, cheaper, faster way, of doing something, I drop however I was doing it before and I do it in the better, cheaper, faster way.

Some paths have inherent limits, while other pathways lead farther.  I assert, that we tend not to consider all of the possible paths.  Thus, sometimes we choose the wrong path, and we have to stop, back track, and switch paths.

I do not care which path somebody else takes, or how far along that pathway they choose to go. I merely send out a beacon as to which path I am on, and how far I have gone. From this, others can tell if their path is better for their needs, or whether my path offers advantages.

I choose my path because it is a compromise that meets my needs.  I describe how I make the fabrics that I like, and the historical antecedents that lead me to these fabrics and production techniques.  Other people have other needs and wants and are welcome to choose other compromises and paths.

However, If I did not feel that my path was not the best path for me, I would have switched paths, so yes, I do feel that my path is the very best path for me.

I talk about knitting and spinning, and how it can be done. I do not talk about people, so I do not belittle anyone.

I set reasonable standards for myself.  I really do not care if anybody else meets those standards.  On the other hand, if the knitting and spinning police want to come around, I expect them to be my peers and to do all the things that I do, at least as well as I do them.

The truth is that much of what generates the hostility is the issue of standards.  Most knitters and spinners do not like talking about spinning and knitting in quantitative terms.

However, one gets what one measures.  I want "fine."  Thus, I measure fineness. Only by measuring fineness will I know when I have gone as far along the path to fineness as possible, and then I must ask myself, "Is this fine enough, or do I need to find another path?"  I want speed.  Only by measuring speed can I determine if I am going fast enough, or if I must find another path.  Only by setting standards can I tell if I am on the right path (using the right technology) or whether I must find another path (technology). Only by measuring can I tell if I am advancing along my chosen path.

The last 6 months have seen great leaps forward in both my spinning and knitting. For now, I am very content with my spinning and knitting.


I have acquired a gently used AVL 16 harness,  48" Dobby loom.  
(It has flyshuttles, but they are not shown.)

It will likely be a long time before I have much else to say.  I expect a long, steep, learning curve. Wish me luck.


plnc said...

Good Luck :-)

Anonymous said...

It's a logical step - and I'm looking forward to read about your work.
I'm owning only a RHL but even that kind of weaving is very challenging with handspun yarns.

I wish you a lot of fun with your new toy!