Monday, June 03, 2013

The Fall collection

We happened to be in Needless Markup as some of the fall designer collections came in.

It looks like this year there are going to be some very nice, fine wool pants.  We have not seen such fabrics in ages.  A real inspiration for the weavers. Here we can see why in the old days, spinners learned to spin fine.  It was to make the yarn for such fabrics

Ladies and Gentlemen,   Wax Your Fly Shuttles!


Einar Svensson said...

Yes, how is your weaving coming along? My sister has studied weaving at a very advanced level and she has told me that a 16-shaft loom is quite serious business.

Aaron said...

I got a 16 harness loom because it has a neat gravity tension system, and it was the only loom in my price range with a gravity system.

It was at that price because it had been passed over by a number of experienced weavers. They felt the loom was non-functional. I felt the loom needed some minor maintenance. Some oil, and careful alignment, and it works.

I think your sister would agree that "Floor looms are big, noisy, machines!"