Friday, August 30, 2013

Eastern Cross Stitch on hand held needles

The other day, I said that ECS could not be knit with handheld needles.  I can hear the tittering anonomouse saying, he is crazy," I can do it easily".

Last evening, as my wife watched Grey's Anatomy, I knit a swatch with hand held needles:

For scale, it is #3 crochet thread on US1 needles.
Those brass needles knit very smoothly, and have long tapered points that are well suited for ECS

Well, there is knitting, and there is KNITTING.  In my world, knitting ECS on hand held needles is slow, ugly, and high effort. It can be done, but it is not worth the effort. I only do it to show that I am not crazy.

Note that even on hand held needles, I knit firm sock fabrics. In a desert environment where sandals are worn, a very tight fabric helps protect the foot from sand. 


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