Sunday, May 18, 2014


A friend was dying, and tripped backward over a child's toy on the floor and spilled a whole kettle of  boiling dye and wool over herself.  She was wearing an apron, but the pockets in the apron held hot wool against her belly and contributed to her third degree burns.

If you are going to dye, go down to the local cash and carry restaurant supply, and buy yourself a chef's coat and cook's apron.  They help prevent burns.  They are not very expensive, and they will make you look so cool.  And, closed toe shoes, leather is best.  Hot water will go right into many kinds of cloth shoes.

I have complained many times to Williams and Sonnma and Sur laTable, telling them that aprons in the kitchen should not have pockets, because pockets in kitchen aprons hold hot liquids and contribute to burns.  Real  restaurant supply firms have real cook's clothing that will help keep you safe

However, I do have a bunch of aprons with pockets across the belly.  I tie them snugly in front, so I can tuck a knitting sheath in the apron strings.  That means the pockets are all but inaccessible.  This ticked me off for a long time.  Now, I drop a strong magnet in each pocket. The magnets catch my steel crochet hook, my steel darning hook, and my steel cable needle on the outside of the pocket.  Those are the three tools that in the past, always seemed to go astray.  Now, I can drop them in my lap, and know that they will not go too far.

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Alyson said...

At first I thought your friend was terminally ill and I was very confused. Then I figured it out. Otherwise, something I never really thought about AND brilliant on the magnets.