Sunday, July 27, 2014

(Semi-)worsted 5-ply

I keep going back to the question, "Why 5-ply?"

Worsted spun sport weight 5-ply always yields the same answers: durability and warmth at a high cost.

However, semi-worsted adds another answer - less veggy matter.

Worsted yarn is spun from combed top and is mostly VM free.  However, the combing waste ( as much as 60% of the original wool weight)  is full of VM.  The thrifty can card, and spin fine to produce a yarn with much less VM in it.  Then the fine singles can be plied together to produce a very inexpensive semi-worsted yarn. Yes, it has some VM in it, but it is durable, warm, and cheap.  My guess is that this was the origin of  wassit.

5-ply semi worsted has become one of my favorite yarns.  It is much denser and warmer than a 2-ply (semi-worsted) of the same grist.  It is softer and makes better padding than 5-ply worsted of the same grist. It does not felt or pill much.

I have said this before, but it is still true, and with every improvment o

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