Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Sometimes it is hard to maintain a good rate of spinning - I tend to slow down.

One technique is to use a metronome.  I set it to the desired beat, and let it pace me.

I have a small inexpensive electronic metronome, not much bigger than a business card.  I think it cost ~$10. I have a free app for my smart phone.  Both work.

There is a note in my spinning journal as to twist insertion rate/ bobbin rpm for various metronome settings.


buckfastbee said...

I love to listen to rock music during spinning sessions.
Genesis and Queen are my favorite bands - providing clean beats for treadling. ;-)

b3zsgirl said...

Can you give me the link for your chart of twist to metronome settings?

Aaron said...


Rate of twist insertion depends on the ratio of the wheel. Current ratio for my wheel is ~1:36, so if I treadle at a cadence of 90, the bobbin rotates, and twist is inserted at 3,240 rpm.

Twist insertion is equal to wheel ratio times cadence.

I have little black notebook with the results of that calculation penciled in. I change the numbers when I make a change to the wheel that changes the ratio. I do not have an electronic version, because if I am at my computer, I use the calculator to calculate expected rpm.

When I wrote that I was changing my accelerator, and hence dramatically changing my wheel ratio. As the wheel ratio went up, it took more effort to maintain a cadence. The metronome reminded me to make the effort.