Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Rabett Run: Ozone Photochemistry - Part 2

Rabett Run: Ozone Photochemistry - Part 2

Real science from an well known academic scientist who is near the top of  the publish or perish world.  Note: No citations.

Also note that (commenter) Dave did not pay attention in Atmospheric Chemistry (or bother to Google) and HO2 is a real entity in the real world.


purplespirit1 said...

I'm unsure what ozone photochemistry has to do with spinning or knitting, so it's really off topic of your blog. Are you going to clarify this issue or is it going to remain a mystery?

Secondly... he may not have citations in that particular article, but you've been asked to cite your work because most of your work sounds like utter bullshit, but you claim that you've got facts to back it up. If you get your "facts" from sources, what are they? You keep posting for your blog readers to google them, but how the fuck are we supposed to guess what you're sourcing? What books are you citing? What passages are you referring to? Since you're referencing work anyway, supposedly, it doesn't take long to just add the note of what passage you're referring to.

There's clearly a big following of readers both on your blog and on ravelry who believe what you write is wrong or hard to prove. You've been asked repeatedly to prove or cite your work, but you won't - and then you're annoyed that people are annoyed with you. We have no reason to believe that everything you write is bullshit unless you can back that shit up.

purplespirit1 said...

It's been nearly 2 weeks since your last post. Us 'neckers are (im)patiently waiting for your next mansplained blogpost... What are you brewing up? It better be good!

Aaron said...

Atmospheric chemistry affects everything! Read IPCC AR5!

The price of oil went down when the arabs read it and realized that the global oil market may go away in 30 years and that if they were going to recover value from the 80 year supply of oil under their feet, they would have to pump it in less than 30, and therefor they needed to pump oil faster. The result flooded the market, and the global price or oil went down. see http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-02/oil-investors-may-be-running-off-a-cliff-they-can-t-see.html and http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-18/bankers-see-1-trillion-of-investments-stranded-in-the-oil-fields.html tellin us that the price of oil may go back up.

However, the price of oil is related to atmospheric chemistry and everyone cares about the price of oil!