Saturday, April 11, 2015


There is a group that says,"If there is no picture, it did not happen!"

They want me to take pictures of what I do, or they do not believe that I did it.

They do not pay me for my work, or even say, "Thank you!"  They do not come up with new ideas or technologies or even improvements on the old technologies. The just like  to look at pictures.

In the distant past, I often obliged.  Then, I was taking a video of  finer spinning, and at internet resolution, it looked like  pantomime.  The fine thread just disappeared!   I could put more effort into doing the photography, but taking pix of threads that are 0.005" in diameter does take a lot more effort.

I have stopped pandering to people that just want to look at pix.  Their belief or disbelief does not affect my spinning.  However taking good photographs does suck up time when I could be spinning.

I hear a new Star Wars movie is coming out.  All of the folks that just want pix, can BUY a copy.  It is time they paid for pix.

Some things are true, whether or not there are pix, and sometimes pix do not prove that something is true.  


Nicole Clifford said...

Pictures are a common form of evidence. This just proves further that you are a fraud. I have heard from people in your area that have met you in person that you can't spin for nothing and now you are being a crybaby about pictures?


purplespirit1 said...

Wait a sec - you've all the time in the world to refine your craft, spend hours a day spinning, who-knows-how-much-time writing out meticulous blog posts, working out the math and science of everything, researching the history of it all... but there's no time for a picture? And, you do all this stuff for free but you expect to get paid for providing a photograph? wtf?

Sarah Avery said...

I would think that if you've made all these wonderful accomplishments, that you'd want to share them! I'd be incredibly proud of my work, and in fact, I am! That's why I always share a picture of my finished yarns and projects. It baffles me that you make this excuse every time someone asks for a simple photo.

Aaron said...

I am more concerned with the tools and process.

I am more interested in what may be produced with new tools (to me) and new skills (to me) than what has been produced.

Aaron said...

The more I spin/knit, the less time I spend taking pix.

My wife and I know a guy who spends all his time making pix - he does not spin at all. His art is visial.

When I knit a sock - it is for wearing, it is for walking, it is for skiing, it is for keeping one's feet warm. It is not for looking.

If you want pretty socks -- go somewhere else, but do not call when you have blisters or your feet are cold.

Aaron said...

new tools, new skills, and done while pacing rapidly. I would say not bad at all.

You cannot knit at all while walking that fast - you would be dropping stitches. Been there, done that.

That is the magic of the hooks - they let you knit while moving rapidly across rough terrain. They are not for knitting fast, they are for knitting while walking fast.