Friday, February 12, 2016

Fat causes cancer

Fat people can expect to get cancer.  That is not healthy.

Study finds mechanism by which obesity promotes pancreatic and breast cancer

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators may have uncovered a novel mechanism behind the ability of obesity to promote cancer progression. In their report published online in the journal Clinical Cancer Research, the research team describes finding an association between obesity and an overabundance of a factor called PlGF (placental growth factor) and that PlGF's binding to its receptor VEGFR-1, which is expressed on immune cells within tumors, promotes tumor progression. Their findings in cellular and animal models, as well as in patient tumor samples, indicate that targeting the PlGF/ VEGFR-1 pathway may be particularly effective in obese patients.

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Note, it holds for both men and women.

OK, the only diet that I know of that allows fast and sustained weight loss is Dr. Fuhrman's Diet ( )   You can get his book Eat for Health at your local used book store for ~$8.  Eat for Health does not have as many cites and references as his earlier books, but it has more useful stuff that works. If you must have the references, go to his earlier books, find where he discusses that topic, and there are the references. Or, just look up the topic on Google Scholar.

If you need meds to get a normal blood pressure, then you are not healthy.
If you need meds to get a normal lipid panel on your blood test, then you are not healthy.
If you need meds to get normal blood sugar, then you are not healthy.
If you are fat, you will need meds to get normal blood pressure, normal lipid panel, or  normal blood sugar.  Perhaps you do not need the meds today, but if you stay fat, then, someday soon, you will need the meds to get into the normal range.

My Dad (age 91 ; BMI ~25) has been "pre diabetic" for years.  And for years, he bragged about keeping his blood sugar under 120.   (In fact, it frequently pops well over 120.) He came out and stayed with us for 10 days, and when he got home his blood sugar was 78 - same as mine -- both without meds.  (We did not even stay within level 1 diet guidelines.) He went back to his previous diet, and his blood sugar went back to 116.

Now, my Dad very is interested in the Fuhrman Diet.

The core of the diet is :

  1. A large salad every day (no limit on size, but no oil in the dressing)
  2. A serving of beans every day (in soup, or salad, or main dish)
  3. At least 3 servings of fresh fruit every day (may be from frozen if no sugar added)
  4. At least one ounce of raw nuts or seeds every day
  5. At least one large (double sized) serving of steamed green vegetables every day

All summarized as G-BOMBS 

(Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, and Seeds)

Do that, and you can pretty much eat anything you want as long as you avoid:
  1. barbecued, processed, and cured meats and commercial red meat
  2. fried foods
  3. full fat dairy, butter, cream, whole milk, and trans-fat (margarine)
  4. soft drinks, sugar, and artificial sweeteners.
  5. white flour products.

 Umm, if you have Lyme Disease, getting rid of the LD, makes losing weight much easier.

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