Thursday, March 06, 2008

Video clip of A Better Way to Knit

Here at long last is my first VIDEO of knitting using a traditional knitting sheath with thin steel needles. It is a first cut, this is after all, a research journal. This is 85 megabyte, even at such low resolution.

A better view of the finger action is in the following clip:

Note that this was filmed during prunning season and the my hands are beat up from being out in the orchard.

This basic technique can be used for anything from socks, mittens, hats, and baby clothes to ganseys, rugs, and circus tents. It can be used for knitting in the round or back and forth. You can use more needles to knit larger items. This technique is appropriate for fine lace. and, I like a knitting sheath better than a knitting pouch/belt for Fair Isle.


Wannietta said...

You have a wonderful speaking voice!!

What wonderful videos - I'm definitely going to order some of these needles, find a sheath and give this a go. I think that using the torque/flex-stress on the needles is intriguing!

And don't apologize for hands that work hard - too many people can't brag about such well used tools.

Wannietta said...

Looking more closely, the tips on your needles look quite dull/blunted. Do they come this way from J&S and/or is this a personal preference on your part?

Liz J said...

thank you for these 2 v helpful videos (and for all the other interesting info in the blogs). Am inspired to return to my currently stalled first attempt at Fair Isle and to get out the Shetland Knitting Belt and to finally finish the project. As a self taught knitter the whole thing is going so slowly I'd lost enthusiasm - so perhaps thanks to you I shall have a new jumper this side of Christmas 2010!

Nancy said...

Can this sheath be used for circular needle?

Aaron said...


Not in any way that I can figure out. I used cable needles for years and wore out two sets of Addi Turbos. Then, I switched to sheaths, dropped the circs, and do not miss them one bit.

JET said...

This video show the Continental style of knitting. The sheath was used with a WEAVING MOTION, created by pinching the yarn with the left index finger, thus able to pull the stich off with the yarn from the left needle, and on the next YO the pinched slack taken out. That OLD WAY of knitting is a rapid weaving motion, not Continental style.

Allison said...

What wonderful ideas. Very interesting way to knit. I have never had luck with dpns so I have used circulars, but this might just work for me. Thank you for sharing! I agree with the speaking voice comment. You have a very smooth calming voice.