Saturday, July 30, 2011

The second generation of hand spun gansey yarn

I have stopped hand spinning 5-ply gansey yarn. (Mostly !)
These days, I spin 6-ply.  Construction is 3 x 2-ply.

I like knitting yarns constructed from 16 hank/pound singles (9,000 ypp).  The fine plies provide warmth, durability and a softer drape than 5-ply gansey yarn.

All of this was discovered by accident when I bought a trove of CHEAP wool yarn to use for stuff I did not want to waste good yarn on.  Then, I started knitting it, and discovered that I liked it.  I really liked it! More investigation showed that it was old stock Robison-Anton, worsted at 900 ypp constructed as 3 x 2-ply with ZSS twist.

Not a yarn construction that I had thought about.  It takes some care to get a balanced yarn, but it is worth the effort.


Iniuk said...

Spun Z, plied S, and plied S again?

Aaron said...


Yes, the singles need a lot of twist.

Sample, sample & Sample!

And, watch out for the spinning police!

: )

JaM said...

Ah, new inspiration and very fine indeed! Funny how life presents surprises in unexpected places. I'm wondering if you mean old stock Robison-Anton, worsted at 9000 ypp (instead of 900 ypp)?

...not the spinning police, just checking the facts...

Aaron said...

The Robinson-Anton is a worsted weight yarn that looks thinner than the 220yd per 4 oz Fluff-Stuff we buy at the Big-Box or LYS, but it knits tighter and firmer. It is 6-ply, so I would guess the singles in it are ~9,000+ ypp.

Um, even with a knitting sheath, knitting it on #1 needles puts a lot of stress on the hands.