Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sheringham fabric

In Gladys Thompson, page 83 et seq.  there are a couple of ganseys done at tensions of 12 or 14 spi using 3 or 4-ply yarns. I had approached this using yarns spun for weaving and fine needles, but the fabric was never interesting enough to put the effort into.

However, with swaving, it is pretty reasonable to produce 14 spi from Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband.    (50 grams = 225 yards; 2043 ypp.)  The pricks are 1.5 mm.

I find this fabric  -- interesting.
In this case, the WIP is a the thumb for a glove.

I bought this yarn when I still looked at yarn labels.  The yarn band recommends 30 stitches / 4 inches on US2  (2.5 -3 mm) needles. I found that fabric much too loose. I did not like that  fabric.  That is why I never did anything with this bin of yarn, and thereby still have it.


Chingachgook said...

Hey, thanks for the spi, Aaron! I know that yarn, and so now can imagine the feel of that fabric. Interesting, indeed.

I once knit some man gloves with two strands of rather fine 2-ply fingering alpaca, held together. The keys to their warm success were the tight gauge, and the two strands nesting next to each other rather flatly, filling any possible holes better than the next pair, knit for me, but with those four plies done up in one strand as a "round" 4-ply yarn.

Yup. Posits, experiments, conclusions. Live and learn--ya gotta love it.

Aaron said...

The very warmest fabrics that I have knit have been from yarns were very tightly spun singles, very loosely plied.

The yarn looks funky, and it it splitty to work with. Stitch patterns just sort of disappear, so it is not a "gansey" style yarn, but it produced a warm fabric.