Saturday, January 05, 2013

Starting first swaved object

3-Ply fingering swaved socks started:
Those are 2 mm pricks, and they produce a firmer, denser fabric than 2 mm sock or gansey needles with the same yarn. It is a very nice boot sock, glove or mitten fabric. The fabric is very consistent and uniform (for somebody just learning a new knitting style.)


Projektmanagerin: said...

Dear Aaron,
your posts on swaving are really interesting and the produced fabric speaks for itself. Shame though that I, too, can't really see what is going on in your knitting sheath... I sometimes wish I could see it "live" as I think there are just some techniques easier to learn when properly shown.
However, I wonder if an animated film would be able to explain the different techniques involving sheaths better? Just like Technknitters graphics are often more comprehensible than mere photographs.
I wish, I wish someone who can draw such graphics or even make such an animated film would collaborate with you in furthering the knowledge. Alas, I am not that person myself.
As you know, I experimented with knitting sheath myself, using long dpns in a sheath made from modelling clay - which worked well, except for the fact that I carry my yarn continental in the left hand and the knitting sheath technique - as far as I have understood it so far - seems to be more suited to "throwing" the yarn. So I paused in my efforts, but I keep watching you in order to learn more! Thanks for posting and sharing your results as you do!
Happy new year!
Projektmanagerin, Bremen, Germany

Chingachgook said...

Good looking fabric, Aaron. What's the st per inch count?

Aaron said...

It is 4-ply (1,200 ypp ??) at ~ 11.5 spi.

We need to remember that the Sheringham Guernsey patterns in Gladys Thompson are for 14 spi.