Wednesday, July 17, 2013

20 gm, 3-ply, art yarn

aka glove yarn

Looks balanced to me. 

I did not even put leases on it.


Badger said...

What do you mean by not putting "leases" on your yarn? Lease sticks are for warping looms, not for spinning and finishing yarn Is this another one of your creative uses of language, or do you really have no clue about what you're doing? I must say that you are extremely selective about the comments you post, choosing not to post those comments which might contradict with your own views. You've chosen to withhold my last comment post to you, as well as others' posts. What are you afraid of?

Stacey said...

Thanks for showing the finished yarn. It's helpful to see what your yarn looks like after your describing the production of it in so much detail. I'm looking forward to seeing the gloves in process and the finished gloves.

Sarah said...

Am I missing something? Please explain what makes this 'art yarn.' You say that you spin for function, not beauty, yet here you are trying to put forward this yarn that was spun to be hard wearing glove yarn as art yarn. For the record, I don't think function and beauty are mutually exclusive. Your statements confound me.

Aaron said...

This yarn is thick & thin with neps so everyone can tell it is hand spun.

This started as a project proposed by someone else, and "hand spun" was part of the concept.

Aaron said...

There are no string ties holding the skein together. Some would say that it is just a loose pile of yarn and award zero points.