Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 Makarieva, A. M., Gorshkov, V. G., Sheil, D., Nobre, A. D., and Li, B.-L.: Where do winds come from? A new theory on how water vapor condensation influences atmospheric pressure and dynamics, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 13, 1039-1056, doi:10.5194/acp-13-1039-2013, 2013.

Above is the only paper that I have read in a long, long time that deserves a citation.

Many of the weathermen who should be most interested in Makarieva et al do not have the math background to follow the arguments.  I have great sympathy and compassion for  Makarieva, A. M., Gorshkov, V. G., Sheil, D., Nobre, A. D., and Li, B.-L.  They are a  bit outside the field of weather, and  weather, atmospheric science, climate science are a bit clannish.

The IPCC used hundreds of correctly cited research to generate their documents.  And yet they hugely understate global warming.  In particular AR4 ( ) missed the dramatic 2007 Arctic Sea ice melt.  What is worse, AR5 to be published in 2014 will fail to discuss the terrible 2012 Arctic Sea ice melt.  AR5 is already out of date.  The IPCC reports do not reflect the reality of the coming climate change. Correct citation of academic work does not ensure correct conclusions.  Loss of Arctic sea ice and carbon feedback are tipping points that will speed climate change.  They are very important, but are not considered in the IPCC models.  See for example . Richard, Gavin, and Michael are some of the best, but note what they do not not say.

My contempt for the IPCC is absolute. That contempt over flows to other academic fields that do not recognize reality.  Climate change is important. Knitting and spinning are just a a tactile sensation of making order out of chaos.  A way to pretend that I have some control over something. Spinning, knitting, and weaving is just a hobby.  It really does not matter.

This blog is about reality.  It is about how to knit warm fabrics. It is about how to spin faster. "Pretty" is subjective. Cold is a physiological reality. If you are really cold, anything warm is wonderful. I do not do pretty!  I do wonderfully warm.

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