Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Alden's Fliers

There was a question about Alden's Fliers that I seem to have lost.

The flier sets I got from Alden had whorls with a DRS of  1.2 - which is about right for 1,600 ypp singles,  but the effective diameter of the bobbin changes quickly. And, I wanted to spin finer singles.

Anyway, talk to Alden, and if possible get Alden to make your whorls.  Mine work, his are beautiful. Ashford whorls will be the wrong DRS.


=Tamar said...

Happy Solstice! I always enjoy your posts, even when I quibble.

RMD said...

Hi Asaron,

I think that was my question. I'm not ready for custom whorls quite yet - still learning how to spin consistently on stock high-speed DD Ashford kit - but am wondering if it makes sense to get a faster flier.

I'll contact Alden.

happy fine spinning!