Sunday, December 01, 2013


Spinning and the textiles it produced was essential to civilization.

The modern spinning community has divided into various fractions.  Most spin as a pastime.  Some spin as a form of political protest.  Some spin as ritual at social occasions. Some spin as an art form. Very few spin as the craft that has always been essential to civilization.

Is spinning still essential to civilization?  I think the spinning community should work very hard to make (and keep) spinning relevant to civilization.  Those who spin as a pastime often seem intent on being rude to those who do not accept the Victorian Lady school of spinning.  They tell us that we do not need to spin that fast, or we do not need to spin that fine.  They tell us we do not need those tools or those skills.

Machine made pottery is cheaper, but potters keep their craft alive and relevant. Good potters earn enough that they can afford to spend enough hours doing ceramics to keep their skills honed.  

Do you want to admit that potters are better a their craft than spinners are at theirs?


Trish said...

Oh, honey, get off the cross. Someone needs the wood to make a wheel.

Aaron said...

Such an endearment!, and such a complement!! Bringing up "the cross", instantly puts me in the class of a fellow who was an important influence on Western Civilization for 2,000 years. I am honored.

At one time, I coordinated the largest construction waste recycling program in the world. We can help you find wood for your wheel(s).

; )

And, if you did not mean any of that, then you were just trying to waste my time.