Thursday, January 09, 2014

Cross-lacing flyers

There is a school of spinning that thinks spinning fine is facilitated by cross lacing the flyer.

No!, If there is so much take-up that it is difficult to spin fine, then there is a problem with the setup or maintenance of the wheel. First clean and oil the wheel and make sure everything is set up correctly.  Cross-lacing will always slow down a well setup and well maintained wheel.

As proof, I can easily spin singles of 22,400 ypp (very fine lace weight) at rates of a couple hundred yards per hour without cross-lacing my flyer.  I can spin 5,600 ypp  ( heavy lace weight) woolen singles at rates of 500 yards per hour.  I spin miles and miles of "lace weight" yarn per month. (I like knitting yarns plied up from "lace weight" singles.  The yarn for a gansey contains 6 miles of lace weight singles.) And, in the last 3 months, I spun 36,000 yards of 2,800 ypp singles for the loom.

I do not get out much, but I assure you that there are not many people that can spin that fine, that fast.  I can not spin that fast with my flyer cross laced.  Cross-lacing slows me way down. If your teacher says cross-lacing is better, ask for a demonstration.  I can give you a demonstration, I will charge you, but setting up a flyers is one of those things that is worth knowing how to do correctly

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