Saturday, November 22, 2014

Distance from drafting triangle to bobbin.

I am going to blandly assert that it takes some time for a drafted stream of fibers to "level" and "settle" into a competent yarn.

If one spinning slowly, this time is small enough to be ignored. However, as one spins faster, it becomes a consideration.

Then, one advantage of long draw spinning is that it gives time for this leveling and settling process to occur.  However, in a DRS system, one does not wave the yarn around, to give it time to level and settle. When spinning fast with a DRS system, one simply has to allow more distance between the drafting triangle and the orifice.

One can estimate the required time, by scaling off of Victorian texts on  (power) spinning and doing basic calculations.  At some point, the cap spinning technique of using a "balloon" becomes useful.  Balloons require a clear volume of space to operate.


Leslie said...

Which Victorian texts on (power) spinning and basic calculations are you referencing? Would love a bit of a bibliography to this one. (I hope that you're not expecting us to simply take your word for it, inquiring minds want to know!)

Aaron said...

Priestman is good.

Anonymous said...

um... seriously. I think you need to invest in a dictionary. Do you know what a 'bibliography' is? TITLE please + author + publish date would be handy. Seriously. Your posts are so fucking wordy but your replies are so short. Are you talking out of your ass again? (I ask rhetorically of course... we all know your ass-talkery is what authors this fucking dog-gamned blog.

Aaron said...

Google is your friend.

search for: book spinning priestman.

Several are available to read for free on the internet.