Friday, November 14, 2014

Grist quality assurance and quality control

I have been spinning weft from Rambouillet. The goal is a woolen single at about 5,600 ypp

I spin, and wind off into cakes.  A recent grist check was to wind a hank and check its weight.

At 46 grams per 562 yards, it is well within 2% of the desired grist.  The cake on the left contains ~ 700 yards.  I check grist on about every fourth cake.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how you manage to get a good focus on the scale and the table top, but not the yarn. Seeing as how 'refined' you are about your yarn quality.

Photography - much like science and tact - eludes you.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to tell, exactly, due to the poor quality of the photo, but it does look like that yarn of yours looks rather underspun. I can only account that to your insistence on speed = awesome, when in fact too-much-speed = underspun yarn, therefore substandard.

Anonymous said...

I thought you already had something like 2 lbs of warp and weft spun up; did that ever get woven into anything?

Anonymous said...

Wow, that yarn is so pretty, so white, so ... BLURRY.

Aaron said...

The best weaver around was Alden Amos. I suggest that you get out your loom, and reread AA.

Anonymous said...

Are you and Alden Amos fuck buddies or something? You've got such a hard on for him.

Aaron said...

Alden gets stuff correct. I do not know any other spinner who consistently gets as much correct.

I know more about spinning wool fast, but Alden knows cotton and linen and rope.

He has repaired and made a great many spinning devices, while I have specialized in one very narrow branch.

Over all, Alden and Stephanie are the greatest repository of knowledge about hand spinning in the world today.

I respect that.