Tuesday, March 03, 2015

I see three choices  because there really are bullies.

It does not matter if one does climate science or evolutionary biology, or just warm knitting and advanced spinning, people who do not understand will try to bully those who do understand.

I spent part of the weekend with Dr. H., who is now, "Old and Bold", and has passed beyond knowledge and deals exclusively with "wisdom".  We had dim sum at Ton Kaing, and walked up Strawberry Hill.

If a group does not understand evolution, then they cannot understand biology, and they or their children will likely die of something like measles or polio.  Not my problem.

If a group does not understand warm knitting after I have explained it, then when they go out in snow to play they will get cold feet and be miserable.  Not my problem. I made a good faith effort to explain how they could have more and better play time in the snow. My moral duty is limited to explaining the process and its implications in excruciating detail.  If people want "science" they can do it themselves, or they can look at 500 years of knitting  history.

Now! California has snow again!  I am going to go play in the snow before that miserable little dusting of snow melts!

And if people cannot understand climate science, . . . . . 

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