Friday, March 20, 2015

Real Power

Some of the "mods" over on Ravelry are drunk with power.

No, these days, real power is the ability to move the price of oil. And,  the folks with that power do not get drunk.

Perhaps the truth is that the mods at "Revelry" got drunk and just thought they had power. There truth is: that their idea of a power trip is going out to piss in the snow.  I hope they remember to take their keys so they do not get locked out.

I do not know why there is not a series of revolts over at Revelry, where groups replace mods who fail to live up to the Ravelry community standards.  As always, people get the "government" that they deserve.

The best spinners and knitters spend their time knitting and spinning,  rather than just talking about it.  What is left are beginners, and well, folks that would rather read and talk about knitting and spinning than actually spin and knit.  I am still listed as a mod in some groups, and I check in every month or so to answer questions.  It is hand spinning and hand knitting - nothing is time critical, and I would rather spin and  knit than run a group. I see this kind of thing rather often in Ravelry groups started by spinners and knitters that I respect. If we were more obsessed with running our groups, then we would know much less about knitting and spinning.  Groups run by mods that I do not respect tend to light-up in seconds after I leave a post.  I do not think these people even know the price of oil.


purplespirit1 said...

Just because you don't agree with something on ravelry, doesn't mean that it's bad. Different groups appeal to different people. As far as the 'neckers are concerned, if you put yourself out there on the internet, you're liable to be fadder for someone. And you're clearly full enough of it to keep getting 'necked.

It's interesting that you take zero accountability. Why is that?

anonymous said...

What does the price of oil have to do with anything Ravelry related? What groups are you the moderator of? Just because people do not agree with you and do not sit quietly while you persistently insult and belittle them, that doesn't make them ignorant or stupid.