Thursday, June 11, 2015

short sleeved Shetland

A nice beam reach home,  made more interesting by fracturing the main sheet fitting.  It was cool and breezy.

The gansey was short sleeved to allow reaching into the water to set lines on trolling weights, but it works for all kinds of play on the water. It is not pretty, but it does what it does very well.

I knit things that I think will be useful and comfortable.  And,I test them.  I make sure that the techniques I use produce objects that are useful and comfortable


Lisa Belfield said...

Who wants pretty? I'd choose practical any day. I must say though, that I really like it.

A Fisherman Lies said...

Too busy posing for the photo to coil your lines properly I see. Looks like your sailing prowess is equal to your spinning and knitting prowess.

Helen Suzanne said...

what a good idea!

Aaron said...

Dear Lies"
True, it looks messy, and when the skipper took over the boat, he made a point of always stowing the lines.

However, these days we find that with the lee rail awash, and the changeable winds around the Bird Cage, lines draped draped across the deck allows faster tacking as the wind changes. Is it good seamanship? No!, but I would bet that when you have as much experience on that part of SF Bay as the skipper, and; you want to sail as aggressively as we do, it is how you would do it.