Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Speculation from Ignorance

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of Speculation from Ignorance about my knitting. It is derogatory. What drives them to slander and libel me?

Do they really think that when somebody spends 15 years working out how to make knit objects that are just the way he likes them, that he is going to come up with crap?  No, in 15 years one can learn how to make the best possible objects.

Are the sexist? Who cares? This is likely a deeper emotion. They are lazy, and they want fast gratification.

They do not want folks talking about fine needles producing fine knitting.

If they want to produce knitting as good as mine, they need to use needles as fine as mine. They do not want to put in the effort required by fine needles. They want to be elite knitters, but they do not want to put in the effort required for fine knitting. Thus, they want to shut me up as fast as possible.

I was in the LYS today, and a lady was talking (with awe) about the fine hand knitting produced on 3 mm needles during the 1920s. As she was speaking, I was knitting 2,000 ypp, 3x2 cabled yarn on 1.75 mm (flat ended) needles at 14 spi. It is a nice fabric.  In is a finer fabric than can be produced on most of the needles that most modern knitters use.  I am not saying anything against those fabrics knit quickly on fat needles, I am saying that the fabrics that I produce on finer needles have particular virtues. Once you get into the rhythm of the process, it goes pretty fast.  After 15 years, I can say that I am approaching fine knitting.

Look at the old Izod polo shirts.  They were finely knit wool.  I can remember when there were finely knit wool rugby shirts.  The term "shirt" traditionally included finely knit wool.


Ruth B said...

But your knitting is not remarkably fine, nor is it consistent, nor do you even finish projects, so please enlighten us as to why we shouldn't "call 'em as we see 'em?" And slander and libel are legal terms. Are you going to actually spend time and money trying to sue people spread out over several continents? Good luck with that, Aaron. If you think we're laughing at you, wait until you try to convince an attorney to take your case. They're going to split their sides in hysterical laughter.

Ruth B said...

Do you really consider yourself an "elite" knitter? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

jcomer2001 said...

The Lacoste polo shirt was pique cotton from the inception of the brand.

Well, "cotton shirts" from the 19th century are mentioned here.

The Brooks Brothers polo is cotton here.,default,pg.html

The rugby shirt is cotton.

There is no evidence for wool Lacoste polo shirts.

Aaron said...

I did not say, " All were wool", I said "Some were wool".
Cotton is, and was cheaper.

jcomer2001 said...

Where is there evidence for wool Izod Lacoste polo shirts?
Citations, please.

jcomer2001 said...

I have shown written evidence that polo and rugby shirts were pique cotton. Citation for wool Lacoste polo shirts, sir?

jcomer2001 said...

You said

'Look at the old Izod polo shirts. They were finely knit wool.'

No. Izod Lacoste polo shirts were, and are, pima cotton from the start. Where is any evidence for Izod Lacoste producing woolen polo shirts?