Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Bad Science, myth, and old wives tales.

I said something about turning bobbins from green wood, and got comments that it could not be done.

Some of the bobbins that I turned from solid blocks of green wood in the last few months.
None of these are cracked or warped.
The shavings were used to mulch the blueberries.

The pale ones are mostly wood from pruning the olive trees, and the darker ones are green redwood scrap that I get from a local fencing contractor.  Along this line, none of the kitchen tools that also made from the olive prunings warped or cracked.

Warped bobbin from green wood

Oh yes, there was a learning curve.  In years past, I turned bobbins from greenwood that cracked, warped and were useless. This year, only 1 in 20 cracked, but even it is  usable.

This is the kind of bad science and myth that I hate from the knitting and spinning community.

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