Friday, August 19, 2016

Some drink, some ply

I ply.

The results from last night, 4 cakes of 10-ply from hand spun singles, and the bobbins emptied to make the cakes:

I like the yarn for warm, comfortable objects. I knit this 10-ply yarn on US3 needles  (3.2 mm) . When I knit commercial (lo-ply) yarns into Aran weight objects, I used 18" steel needles, and it was fearsome work.  Now, I use 14" steel needles.  Between the lighter needles and more flexible yarn, the knitting  effort is much  less.

If you must deal with cold weather for extended lengths of time (e.g. professional need to be outside, all winter long) and one is a good spinner, then I think 10-ply is well worth the effort.  If you are just going to be outside for a few weeks or recreationally, buy cold weather gear.

Certainly, one can knit 2" by 2" swatches from such yarns into weatherproof fabrics with circular needles is a great deal of effort (said by some one that considers making handspun 10-ply, "reasonable").

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