Saturday, September 03, 2016


A while back, the Captain of the tall ship Alma, kept a place at Lake Berryessa, and he was a generous host.  However, over the door was a sign, "No Sponges!"

The purpose of the  Lake Berryessa place was the weekly party, and everyone was expected to contribute to the party.   Captain would buy truckloads of booze, and everyone was welcome to drink as much beer and rum as they wanted - but they had to contribute to the party. The Captain had toys, but all the boys had to make sure all the toys were all in perfect working working order and gleaming with fresh wax jobs when the girls arrived on Friday evening.

Here, I have tolerated Sponges!  Sponges carp and criticise about the pace of my research as to how to weave hand spun without contributing to the research.  If they want to complain about how slowly the research proceeds, then they can either tell me the solution to the problems; or, send me a stream of checks to allow me to spend more time on weaving.  If they criticise without  helping the project, they are just Sponges.

Oh yes, and by the way there is a very interesting CPW in the Florence Pioneer Museum.  Note the wheel /bobbin ratios.


Dr Gan Sei said...

How's the bolt of shirting coming along? Nothing you do is valid unless you've woven a bolt of shirting. You said so yourself.

Aaron said...

Lets see pix of how you solved to problem of spinning and weaving fine woolen. Or, at least give me the name of a teacher that can tell me the answer!

In the mean time, sometimes it takes a while to solve a problem. It not a matter of how much effort, it is a matter of the right effort. And, sometimes it is hard to tell what the right effort is!