Thursday, January 01, 2015

Heck Array

I just plied up a few thousand yards of 5-ply gansey yarn.

I could do that because I have a "Lazy Kate" that supplies 5 parallel and evenly tensioned singles at a high rate of speed.

I could design such a Lazy Kate because my conceptual universe includes the concept of  "heck array".  

The concept of "hooks" did not get my reader get to a Lazy Kate that allows plying 5-ply yarn quickly.

If one is going to design textile processes, then one needs textile process design concepts - one of which is "heck array".


Scattered said...

I am trying to decipher the point of this post. What is the point you are trying to make? You have a Lazy Kate. You used it. And? I'm sorry, perhaps English is not your first language, because it's hard to understand what you are getting at.

Aaron said...

My point is two-fold.
1) Heck array has a different meaning than hook.

2) Heck array is a very useful concept for a modern designer of textile processes because it does mean something other than just hook.

Modern buyers of Lazy Kates do not understand textile processes, and do not demand sophisticated process design from their vendors.

To say that you want a simpler tools is an argument that was sliced like a salami when the first spinning wheel was carried through your door.