Thursday, January 22, 2015


The purpose of this blog over the last couple of years is to show people a way to spin faster and easier.  I do not say that that they have to spin fast, I merely blaze a trail to faster spinning.  Nobody has to follow me.

In her last comment, Ruth B seems to be trying to "con" me into sending her a big package of  fine fiber that she can do with as she pleases. The contract she proposes has big gaps in it, all in her favor. Now, cons are funny when Newman and Redford act them out in The Sting, but in real life. they are criminal.

 In spinning, grist and twist count.  Ruth B does not seem to be able to measure and understand grist and twist. She seems to have just enough knowledge of spinning to make her pedantic - like a sophomore.   She needs to get off her high horse, and learn spinning as a craft, or huddle with her Victorian Lady friends who are impressed by her dogmatic tone.


Ruth B said...

Gee, Aaron, since you won't publish Ruth B's reply to your comment, your latest post makes you look as though you are shouting into a stiff wind. Might I remind you that Queen Victoria is as dead as the Medici family, if not quite as long.

i dare you to publish her reply to your prior post. You are obviously too scared to do so since you will be shown to be the fraud that you are.

Aaron said...

I do not see it - maybe it went straight to spam?

Not a big deal, if it had said anything interesting about SPINNING, I would spend the time to go look for it, but Ruth B does not seem to have anything to say about better spinning.

Ruth B said...

I don't have anything to say about better spinning because I'm making a living doing it. You aren't. As a colleague of mine said, you are the equivalent of McDonald's - sacrificing quality for speed. When you want to know how to make quality yarn, you know where to ask.

And, by the way, YOU came to ME. You asked if I could spin the weft for you in two months. I said I could. Then you changed the deadline from two months to one. You don't know what kind of wheel I have or how fast I can spin. Don't invent facts to back out of your request. You've been caught out. Admit it and deal with it.

Ruth B said...

Any idiot would know to check the spam folder, then, or are you incapable of doing that as well?

Aaron said...

On my site, I suggested that I would be open to a proposal. You never responded with any pricing or technical qualifications or any of the information that any prospective vendor is expected to provide.

Now you twist my words. As I said, I cannot trust you in any way.

Good yarn is yarn that meets stated performance standards and criteria. I set rather strict performance criteria, and my handspun meets those criteria. You may not think it is pretty, but it does what it was designed to do. Your hand spun is not as warm or durable as mine. You have pretty, I have warm and durable.

On a cold, dark night, I would rather have warm than pretty.

You set other criteria for your yarn and that is fine, but I doubt if you have ever spun yarn that meets the standards that I set for my yarn.

Aaron said...

Ruth B
More likely, it is in the spam folder because I designated you as spam.

Then, when I see your name in the spam folder, I hit "delete".

txvoodoo said...

You auto-delete responses from someone who is responding to a request?

Well, that's one way of winning. The coward's way.

Aaron said...

I auto delete comments from folks that are rude.

I asked "Can I . . . ", that is I wanted to know if the business had the technical capability to do such a job. It was a request for a proposal. The response did not contain the information or tone expected in a business proposal.

She is not interested in the job, she just wanted to use my blog to be rude to me. Why shouldn't I delete it?