Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Why all the hate mail?

I do not tell people that they have to spin faster, I merely point out that it can be done and tell how I do it.

I understand Buddhist monks sitting on the floor chanting. I do not do it, but I do not tell them to  stop.

Likewise, I also understand the "Priestesses of Spinning" wanting to spin slowly.   However,  I like to spin at a reasonable rate, and I am willing to tell others how that can be done .  I try tell the truth, and let others know what I have found to work.  As always, any statement by a Priestesses of Spinning that conflicts with anything in  http://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.edu/I_toc.html is likely wrong.

However, I do not dictate to the  High Priestesses of Spinning.  I do not subject them to personal insult, even when I try to tell the objective truth about objects and the  processes of textiles, and such truth conflicts with the conventional wisdom and dogma of the "Modern Church of Spinning".

I suggest that the Priestesses of the Modern Church of Spinning ignore me.  I let them do what they do, and they can let me do what I do.

PS  I do not consider Alden Amos a "Priest of Spinning".  His is ever the most observant and astute student.  However, on some issues,  he has bowed to market pressure and at times has recited the conventional wisdom and dogma of the Church of Modern Spinning.  These passages are carefully written, and one may always find the truth by reading these passages carefully.

For example, as you study the passage on tensioning systems on page 187 et.seq. look at the drawing of the chair wheel on the top of pg 185.  And, while accelerators are not discussed in the text, many of the illustrations show them.  Why? Prior to 1780 they were used -- because they work.

No, we do not see accelerators in modern wheels, because the Priestesses of Spinning do not understand their value.  The truth is that if one wants to spin fine yarns at a reasonable pace, then a wheel with an accelerator is the simplest solution.  It is how professional spinners solved the problem for hundreds of years.  

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