Friday, September 25, 2015

35 minutes

I issued a challenge to Holin, that we meet up, spin 100 yards of warp from 1 gram of wool fiber in a states time of 35 minutes, and we then test each warp for strength.

Some wonder about the 35 minutes. 

Everyone knows that I feel that competent spinners should be able to spin at the spin count at a commercial rate, which for 80s is about 200 yards /per hour.  So why do I want the extra time??

Well everyone knows I have been sick, and I am just a fat old man with palsy - I deserve a few extra minutes.  It is fair, I will give her the extra minutes also.


Holin Kennen said...

Good grief, Aaron! You are, indeed, thick.

Let me give you a two word response to your ridiculous challenge. Perhaps you will comprehend this: NOT INTERESTED.

If that doesn't work, try this one: NO.

Aaron said...

It seems that Holin with all of her experience does not spin as fast or as fine as a fat old man with palsy from his Lyme disease.

This raises the question, does she have 30 years of spinning experience or 1 year's experience 30 times.

Circa 1600, English spinning schools expected students to learn to spin at the spin count at a commercial speed in about 2 years. Thus, can assume that Holing has less than 2 years of experience, so yes it is 1 year's experience, thirty times.

The stuff in the photos was right off one pass through the carder. Serious warp, goes through the carder several times, and then gets combed and dized into top. It is very nice stuff, but at the time of the photos, I was playing with the lathe and my combing bench was deep in wood shavings. The mornings interest, the reason for the photos, was a new, faster flyer whorl for 80s. With the new flyer whorl, 80s at 300 yards per hour is very plausible. And that yarn is about as perfect as hand spun gets. Holin was correct to avoid the test. She would have been humiliated. I would have had some fun.