Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spinning in the Rain

Californian has been in a drought, so when it started raining this morning, I went out to spin on the porch.

Am I spinning skeins?  Not likely! At a rate of a hank an hour, that is a mile of  lace-weight worsted single every 3 hours.  I do not stop spinning and start plying every few hundred yards. 

When I need 5-ply, I pull 6 miles of  lace-weight worsted singles of the stash and I ply enough to make a sweater.  With the takeup from the ply twist, it comes out about right.

 If this weather keeps up, I might get a good bit of spinning done. 


Sandra Hawkinson said...

Hello. I have been looking for a wooden knitting sheath and I really like the one you shared on your blog in 2011 for a trip to yellowstone. I would love to have one but the link to your shop on Esty doesn't seem to work. Do you still sell knitting tools on Esty? Thanks, Sandy

Aaron said...

I moved to blunt tipped knitting needles and discovered that blunt needles are much less fussy about their knitting sheath(s). I decided that when using blunt tipped needles, knitting sheaths are so easy to make that anybody could make their own.

(And, I got hit with the debilitating fatigue of Lyme Disease.)

Now, that I seem to be past Lyme, who knows what I will do?

I think the Net Loft in Cordova AK may still have some that I sent to Dorthy.