Thursday, September 17, 2015

More masterwork

My latest category of knitting master work is running socks.

The best commercial ones that I have found are made by IceBreaker
( ).  Pricy, but a good warranty.

OK, but can hand knit running socks be better?  I do not know yet, but it is an interesting project. They need to be thin, smooth, and fit perfectly.  The IB socks are knit with right and left feet.

They need to be smooth, never bunch, and never ever attract debris.  This is the problem with the Under Armor and other polyester/acrylic running socks.  When trail running, they attract and hold organic debris that irritates the foot.   Real wool is better. 

And, of course little socks should be easy to knit.  However, I bought my running shoes when I was wearing commercial running socks.  So the running socks that I knit, have to be that thin.  :  ) 

On the other hand there are a multitude of minor design issues such as how far up the ankle, the top of the sock should go and  how to prevent it from slipping down into the shoe.  It is a whole new world of subtle design options.

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Holin Kennen said...

Masterwork? Hahahahaha!