Saturday, September 05, 2015

Apart at Lambtown

 I will be at Lambtown ( ), but apart.  I am going to sit in the parking lot across the street and spin.  Anybody that is interested can come by and see samples of my knitting and spinning.  I will have both top and rolags  and folks can see just how fast and how fine I do spin worsted and woolen.  And you can see the quality of the yarn that I spin.

You can bring your wheel and we can spin head to head and compare productivity (and quality). 

I am not going to sell anything. 



Michelle Rosch said...

Why? Because you are not selling something?

Sheri said...

I so wish I could! I would love to watch your spinning process. More videos would be wonderful, since I live in Michigan. *hint, hint*

b$tchkitty said...

Why won't you spin with your fellow spinners at Lambtown?

Aaron said...

As in Sheep to Shawl? I want to keep my yarn. As in the spinning contests? I have no interest in spinning while wearing rubber gloves. In the longest thread contest, other wheels will be spinning much lower grist yarns. Fatter yarns can be spun faster. I have no interest in spinning fat yarn. I do fine yarn.

Spinners that spin as a social activity can go to Lambtown.
I will be nearby to talk about spinning as a craft.

Holin Kennen said...

Since you were in a parking lot ACROSS THE STREET from Lambtown I can deduce that you were prohibited from being allowed to participate.. If you wanted to show off your superior skills, you could have gone there and spun while sitting somewhere at the festival, and if you were as good as you claim to be, you would have attracted a crowd even if you weren't competing. But you claim to be able to spin frog-hair fine yarn at lightning speed, so you should have been able to spin the longest thread no matter what the grist was. If you aren't able to spin "fat" yarn, then that's your problem, but "fat" yarn is not required for the longest thread (you know, THREAD, as in really finely spun yarn). I've seen the longest thread results, and they are, indeed, thread, not worsted weight yarns. The truth is that you must have been banned from Lambtown. None of us are fooled. Nice try at putting a spin on it, though.

Aaron said...


If you are going to spend your life hanging out here, do your homework.

The Lambtown spinning completion requires spinning blind folded, with gloves, and other similar silliness that has nothing to do with the fine-fast spinning that I do. Fat yarns like yours are easier to spin blindfolded and while wearing gloves. Fine yarns like I spin are harder to spin blindfolded and while wearing gloves.

The Lambtown spinning competition is not about spinning fine and fast, it is about a level playing field for spinners that are not very good at spinning fine and fast. It is easier to learn to spin with gloves than to learn to actually spin very well. The Lambtown contest is for beginners.

Beginners are their market. Folks like me have stuff so we do not buy as much equipment, fiber, or lessons. They want to attract beginners like you.

If you were a good spinner, you would recognized what I do.

Holin Kennen said...

I do recognize what you do, as do many others. You make many yards of poor yarn, endless swatches, incomplete projects, nonexistent weaving, and spend hours and hours insulting everybody who isn't willing to elevate you to the status of Godhood. You, sir, are a fraud. I think that sums it up rather nicely.