Saturday, September 26, 2015


For the last couple of years, I have not spun "skeins", rather I have spun "hanks" of 560 yards.

Both woolen and worsted were measured out into hanks. (I have a little mark on the inside of the spinning bobbin, and when I get to it, I know that I have ~55 grams / 700 yards of  5,600 ypp yarn on the spinning bobbin and I can wind off 560 yards.

However, woolen is more properly packaged as "cuts" of 1,800 yards, and 60 grams was about a much a load as I trusted on the spinning bobbins.  Recently, I could spin cuts of 22,400 ypp singles in one piece, but I was not really thinking about it.  However, the new whorl opens up a fantasy land where anything is possible and imagination runs rampant. In particular, it puts a new perspective on spinning 22,400 ypp singles of all kinds.

Now that I have better flyer whorls for "fines", I can start thinking about spinning continuous cuts of  woolen single on the #1 flyer.  Now that I have thought about it, I know that it can be done at 24,000 ypp or 34,000 ypp or 45,000 ypp.  That little spinning bobbin suddenly becomes huge.


Note the single runs over the torch.

1,800 yards of woolen single weighing 18 grams seems like a good goal for a day's spinning.  (Now that I know that I can keep the grist fairly constant.)

From here, the problem does not seem to be the spinning, but the handling of the yarn afterwards. I expect that I will need a new "skeiner" or is the term "cutter" : )

I may have to take this up, and show it to "The Judge".

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Holin Kennen said...

My goodness! More photos taken with an ordinary camera! You previously said that your yarn was so fine that it was invisible when photographed with an ordinary camera. Guess it's not that fine after all.