Saturday, July 16, 2016

Alternative design for ST and IT

I did learn to spin at the spin count using Ashford's ST setup, so I know that can be used to spin at the spin count.  However, shortly thereafter I went on to DRS.  Yes, there might have been some minor experiments with better ST brakes, but I did not pursue them.  I was too busy spinning.

The other day, I was spinning on The Competitor, and just flipped the drive bands over onto the bobbin, and it worked very well.  At that grist, (~20, 000 ypp) it worked much better than the Ashford system.  I played with that for a day or two,  spinning various fine wools in the stash at their spin count.  It was kinda nostalgic.

OK, what about ST, could I rig the The Competitor with a better ST (single drive/ flyer lead) system than that clumsy Ashford system?  I had already heard of the European Longest Thread competitors using a weighted system.

  Fishing line around the mother of all with a slider T. From the T, a piece of  leader goes over the bobbin, to a hook holding weights (nuts).  It is simpler than the Ashford system and  works very well for the grists that I have tried over the last few days (e.g., 10,000- 40,000 ypp).

OK, it also works very well for an advanced IT system.

Note the weights (nuts) handy on the magnets set into the MOA.

Kit to convert DRS to either IT or ST

The IT and ST systems are nice for spinning samples where the twist model does not seem to work as in superwash wools.


DRS remains the production mode, because it is 3 or 4 times faster.

ETS, this works well for both IT and ST because the whorls that I made for DRS are the same shape.  Often flyer whorls and bobbin whorls have different profiles.

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