Saturday, July 02, 2016

Force 6

The heat wave has broken, with cold gales (25-35 knots, Force 6) blowing across coastal waters.  Good sailing weather. Small craft advisories and gale warnings were posted today for our areas.
Today, we sailed for 8 hours, double reefed, with the lee rail awash,  It was fun; it was often thrilling, but it also required all hands on deck, working hard

Everyone needed warm clothing.  Most wore multiple layers of commercial sailing gear.  I wore one of my handknit ganseys and a pair of Patagonia guide pants.  I had my H and H pro-gear in my sea bag below, but the gansey was lighter and more comfortable. A well knit gansey is the most comfortable garment I know for outdoor sports  or outdoor work in foul weather.

Yes, my hand knit ganseys are weatherproof.  They will keep me warm and comfortable sailing in a gale. This was sailing close hauled back and forth across the slot, not downwind.  We were exposed to the full force of the wind.  And, we got thrown around.  A good gansey is good padding against hard knocks.

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