Thursday, July 28, 2016

Rushen Knitting

There has been some discussion here about how to knit for cold weather.  : )

Here is my "Rushen" solution.

For patknitter, it is done with US 3 knitting needles.
For purplespirit1, it is warm enough for snow camping in the Gulag.

 The yarn is Wool-Ease thick and quick by Lion brand. Suggested gauge is 9 stitches per 4 inches and 12 rows, using 9 mm needles. My gauge using US 3 (3 mm)   is 18 s per 4 inch by 26 r per 4 inches.

It weatherproof, and it is fast to knit.  An object knit from this yarn and at this gauge is well suited for a movie set, as it is warm enough for Siberia.  However, it is not durable enough for a serious tour of the Gulag.  In the long term, knitting real 10-ply saves knitting time.  Aside from swatches such as above, I do not knit objects from such yarns, because it is too fragile.  On the other hand I think you will find that purplespirit1 and patknitter have trouble knitting even such little swatches.  They do not have the right tools.


purplespirit1 said...

I'm not sure what the point of this post is. Great - you can knit a tight swatch with thick yarn. So? Any knitter can do that.

I'm confused as why you think knitting thick yarn with thinner needles to make a tighter swatch is somehow a revolutionary idea.

Is the point that you've made a swatch somehow meant to debunk what I've been doing professionally for half my life?

Aaron said...

A word play on the poor quality of consumer goods in some places, and later the advantages of traditional 10-ply Aran yarns.

purplespirit1 said...

Oh, what a waste of a post, Aaron. :( So sad. Even someone like you is better than this.