Saturday, July 09, 2016

Revenge of the green olive

Learn by doing!!

Revenge of the spinner:
I am liking the spindle turned whorls.  Will try again with well aged maple.


K A Archer said...

Not everything needs to be learned by doing. That is the classic result of turning green wood. I'm not even a scientist and I knew that.

Aaron said...

Archer; then you also know that some of the professional bowl turners work with green wood - One guy I know, sells his at $300 - $1,000 each. Working with green wood allows him much greater productivity, giving him time to teach, travel, and play.

I have turned greenwood into bowls, cups, platters, and storage bobbins.

Aaron said...

If one does not have a few failures, then one is not taking enough risks.

Without failures, one does not learn.