Friday, July 15, 2016


I like to retest and re-compare the various technologies every so often to see if I still come to the same conclusions.

This morning, I set up  The Competitor flyer/bobbin assembly with the accelerator wheel and Scotch Tension (single drive/ flyer lead).

I originally went to DRS because in trials, DRS (double drive) delivered a lot more rpm from the flyer/bobbin assembly, and I wanted more speed for spinning the singles for 5-ply.  While it was chosen for speed, DRS opened up another set of  drafting techniques that I did not expect.

With the accelerator wheel,  I can easily run The Competitor (flyer) as fast as with a single drive  (either IT or ST) as I can drive the flyer/bobbin assembly with DRS.

Nevertheless, DRS produces singles faster. The difference is wicked.

DRS changes the nature of the drafting process.  With DRS, I can draft much faster than I can with either IT or ST.  DRS can take full advantage of the speed possible with an accelerator wheel.

Accelerator wheels can deliver a lot more rpm than can be taken advantage of with conventional drafting such as "long draw" (with fine singles),  and accelerator wheels are a bother.  Therefore, I deduce that spinning wheels with accelerator wheels used DRS.

As we look in the Big Blue Book, pages 183 - 190, AA / SG provide drawings of 11 wheels, 3 of which have accelerator wheels.  Despite, the modern accelerator wheels with ST, I trust that the 3 wheels in TBBB, belonged to trained professional spinners that knew how to do spinning math and use DRS.  I mean Aristotle, knew and used the math.  Anyone who had access to any copy of books by Aristotle  or his students, had access to the math; and, spinning was a very competitive  industry.

ETA I have been mostly spinning worsted and semi-worsted, and had not tested the just the accelerator wheel with single drive against DRS for true woolen spun from rolags, via long draw. Perhaps this was a case where single drive could keep up with DRS.  Well, as of this morning,  I cannot spin 40,000 ypp woolen long draw, and I can spin it with DRS so I will do the numbers for which is faster when I get a rate for somebody actually spinning 40,000 ypp via long draw.

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